Bradwell village
Bradwell in the distance, a peaceful rural scene

Bradwell and Tillingham (Essex)

"Paint it while it`s there" Day

Bradwell Battle Bus
The Bradwell Battle Bus

About Bradwell and Tillingham

Bradwell & Tillingham villages are located on the coast of Essex in eastern England.It is a large and remote area of tidal mudflats and salt marshes at the eastern end of the Dengie Peninsula,between the adajacent Blackwater and Crouch Estuaries.The salt marsh is the largest continuous example of its type in Essex. Foreshore, salt marsh and beaches support an outstanding assemblage of rare coastal flora. It is of importance for wintering populations of Hen Harrier, Circus Cyaneus, wildfowl and waders.It is also an integral component of the phased Mid-Essex Coast Special Protection area.
Moreover one of the oldest churches in the Country, St Peters church built by St Cedd in AD 654 stands in tranquil dignity at the tip of Bradwell.
The Bradwell and Tillingham protest group are fighting plans by Npower Renewables to build 26 wind turbines 400ft tall on the marshes between Bradwell and the village of Tillingham. This would be one of the largest onshore wind farms in the UK.
More information:

This is a photograph taken by Mania Row, an artist whose studio is close
 to where 16 turbines would be sited, (at Southminster) and shows

another view of a quiet Essex landscape
painting by Mania Row
Daybreak at Atelier Montsale,

The Bradwell group did not have much advance notice of this event,
 but did very well to have a small group of artists out painting on the day. 

view from Dunbards, watercolour

Sandy Sykes, painting

Tillingham Marshes, pastel
View from Dunbards,
Sandy Sykes, painting Tillingham Marshes, pastel

St peter`s Church
St. Peter`s Church, Bradwell,
pastel - the oldest church in the country,
 threatened by 10 giant turbines