David Bellamy, painting on the day
This is the painting David Bellamy did on the day
at Mynydd y Gwair, near Swansea

"Paint it while it`s there" Day,

 May 1st 2005

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George West
George West, in his studio, working on a painting
of Glascwm Hill. (mid Wales)

Betws mountain

This is a painting of Betws mountain,
by another artist, Ceinwen Rees, who came to Mynydd y Gwair.

Mynydd y Gwair by Rosemary Hale
This is a painting that Rosemary Hale did on the day at Mynydd y Gwair

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A painting from Germany

Wolfgang Werner, pictured on the left, was on holiday in South Wales with his wife Helen, and they both came along to the Paint it while it`s there Day at the Lliw Reservoir.
In the photo, Wolfgang is holding his unfinished painting. On his return to Germany he completed it, and emailed us the image on the right.
Click on the painting to see it more clearly, and read what he had to say in his email.

Sudwales by Wolfgang Werner
Painting of Lliw Reservoir and Mynydd y Gwair,
by Wolfgang Werner

two boys
Lucy aged three
two boys......
Lucy aged three

girl 295

David Bellamy
David Bellamy demonstrating

girl 294


jenny keal
Jenny Keal with more children

another boy

Samuel Hinton, aged 14
Samuel Hinton, aged 14

Brian Griffin
Brian Griffin

Heini Minoda, aged 6, with his Mum
Heini Minoda, aged 6, with his Mum
Emlyn Hinton, aged 12
Emlyn Hinton, aged 12