The 106 MPs who signed the letter to David Cameron

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Chris Heaton Harris
(who headed the list)

Conservative, Daventry

He famously said:
"That brings me to some unbelievably bad news I received yesterday about my constituency. There was—how can I put it?—a disgraceful, vulgar, disrespectful, terrible, shameful, contemptible, detestable, dishonourable, disreputable, ignoble, mean, offensive, scandalous, shabby, shady, shocking, shoddy, unworthy, deplorable, awful, calamitous, dire, disastrous, distressing, dreadful, faulty, grim, horrifying, lamentable, lousy, mournful, pitiable, regrettable, reprehensible, rotten, sad, sickening, tragic, woeful, wretched, abhorrent, abominable, crass, despicable, inferior, odious, unworthy, atrocious, heinous, loathsome, revolting, scandalous, squalid, tawdry, cowardly, opprobrious, insulting, malevolent, scurrilous and basically stinkingly poor decision of the Planning Inspectorate to approve the Kelmarsh wind farm, which will devastate huge swathes of beautiful rural Northamptonshire. "
Read more in Hansard:

Tony Cunningham (LAB), Workington
From Debate in Parliament:
"When I speak to groups in my constituency who talk to me about the visual impact, the noise and everything else associated with turbines that are proposed for their area, they remind me on many occasions that there are not a lot of turbines in Green park, Regent's park or any of the parks in London, or indeed any of the other areas where there are no wind turbines at all. Why is it that people come back time and again to a small area such as west Cumbria?"

Natascha Engel (LAB), North East Derbyshire
From this site:

The Peak District and other national park land is Britain’s backyard.
“People come from far and wide to enjoy the beautiful countryside.”
“Right by the planned turbines is the Darwin Forest country park, with its lovely pine lodges.”

It is situated there because it is miles from anywhere and has some of the loveliest surroundings. Tourism is the local economy and putting wind turbines in the middle of the scenery would destroy it.”

Mark Williams  (LIB DEM), Ceredigion
Roger Williams  (LIB DEM), Brecon and Radnorshire

"Roger Williams, Brecon and Radnorshire Liberal Democrat MP, said the landscape should be protected with a “special designation”, arguing: “If you look at Britain, which is such a small country really with a relatively high population, the amount of wilderness land that we have in Britain is just so infinitesimal.”

Sammy Wilson (DUP), East Antrim
Here is a link to Sammy Wilson talking about wind turbines on YouTube

Nigel Adams
Conservative MP for Selby and Ainsty
Adam Afriyie
Conservative MP for Windsor
Stuart Andrew
Conservative MP for Pudsey
Richard Bacon
Conservative MP for South Norfolk
Steve Baker
Conservative MP for High Wycombe
Very interesting website!
Steven Barclay
Conservative MP for North East Cambridgeshire
"Further to that point, may I suggest that one reason for that may be that the leader of the Labour party was the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change? He signed legally binding targets that are highly questionable. Indeed, the Labour Chair of the Public Accounts Committee was behind a report that concluded:
    "We are concerned that the Department agreed to the legally binding EU-target"-
the 2020 target- "without clear plans, targets for each renewable energy technology, estimates of funding required",  and without understanding other factors such as planning issues. We will come later to the fact that the legally binding target, which will require 10,000 new turbines by 2020, notwithstanding the fact that 40% of planning applications fail, is beyond the control of the Department that signed it."
Guto Bebb
Conservative MP for Aberconway

Dan Byles
Conservative MP for North Warwickshire
Andrew Bingham
Conservative MP for High Peak
Brian Binley
Conservative MP for Northampton South
The Northampton skyline could be swamped with massive wind turbines if plans to built a 417ft installation at Brackmills are given the go-ahead, an MP has warned. Supermarket giant Asda has applied to build the large turbine at its distribution centre on the Northampton industrial estate. The plans have caused upset among people living nearby and the Conservative MP for Northampton South, Brian Binley, has called for a limit on the structures during a session in the Houses of Parliament.
Bob Blackman
(CON), Harrow East

Peter Bone
(CON), Wellingborough
House of Commons, 1st Dec 2011:
Mr Peter Bone (Wellingborough) (Con): "I know that our splendid Liberal Democrat Secretary of State believes passionately in localism. Can he explain why, having been rejected, the proposed Nun Wood wind farm development, which covers three parliamentary constituencies and is opposed by the three Members of Parliament and the three local authorities concerned, has suddenly been granted approval on appeal? That cannot be localism at work."

Graham Brady 

(CON), Altrincham and Sale West

Karen Bradley
(CON), Staffordshire Moorlands

"In Mrs Bradley's Moorlands constituency, a series of planning applications for turbines have been thrown out over the last 12 months.

Sites where turbines have recently been rejected include Higher Overton Farm, near Biddulph, Lask Edge, Marshes Hill at Brown Edge, and Red Earth Farm in Rudyard."

Karen Bradley (Staffordshire Moorlands) (Con): "Does my hon. Friend agree that there are two types of environmental damage: that caused by carbon emissions and that caused by putting wind turbines in some of the most beautiful parts of the country, which will ruin them for ever?"

Andrew Bridgen  (CON), North West Leicestershire
Steve Brine
(CON), Winchester
Aidan Burley
(CON), Cannock Chase
Alun Cairns
Vale of Glamorgan MP
Douglas Carswell
(CON), Clacton
Bill Cash
(CON) Stone

Christopher Chope

(CON), Christchurch
James Clappison
(CON), Hertsmere
Damian Collins
(CON), Folkestone and Hythe
Tracey Crouch  (CON), Chatham and Aylesford
Philip Davies
(CON), Shipley
"I, too, approach the issue from a local interest, namely the proposed development of a wind farm in the village of Denholme, which is on the edge of my constituency. My constituents and I are wholly opposed to it, and it has made me look further into the benefit of wind farms. I want to talk about the bigger picture rather than focus on my particular area, because I think that wind farms are one of the biggest scandals in public policy. The more one looks into the issue, the more of a scandal it becomes. People might refer to my constituents and me as nimbys and use it as a term of abuse, but I would take it as a compliment-I am proud to be a nimby. By definition, nimbys are people who are concerned about their local area and community. We should not be disparaging about that; we should be proud of being nimbys."
David Davis
(CON), Haltemprice and Howden
Nick De Bois
(CON), Enfield North
Geoffrey Cox

(CON), Torridge and West Devon
Wind turbines at Meddon
Wind turbines at Wheelers Cross
From our website, back in 2006
Caroline Dinenage  (CON), Gosport
Nadine Dorries
(CON), Mid Bedfordshire
Jackie Doyle-Price
(CON), Thurrock

Richard Drax
South Dorset
"I represent the people of South Dorset, which includes East Stoke, a lovely village situated between Wareham and Wool. An application was made there for eight wind turbines, although the number has now been reduced to four. The stress, worry and concern that the application caused my rural constituents, not to mention the campaigning they have done, and the cost and travel that has involved, far outweigh the small amount of energy that the four turbines will produce, if they are indeed erected. We are talking about the big, 400-metre turbines, whose output is, as the hon. Member for Workington (Tony Cunningham) said, sufficient to boil a kettle. "
Charlie Elphicke
(CON), Dover
Graham Evans (CON), Weaver Vale
Weaver Vale is a County Constituency in Cheshire and comprises urban areas of Northwich and Eastern Runcorn, together with the rural areas in between including Frodsham, Helsby, Kingsley and Weaverham. Weaver Vale contains parts of both Halton and Cheshire West & Chester Councils
Lorraine Fullbrook
(CON), South Ribble

Mark Garnier 

(CON), Wyre Forest
John Glen
(CON), Salisbury
Andrew Griffiths
(CON), Burton
Greg Knight
(CON), East Yorkshire
James Gray
(CON), North Wiltshire
Is it not an irony that the windiest places in the UK tend also to be the most remote from the places where the energy is being used? Therefore, the visual impact that my hon. Friend mentioned is doubled because of the necessity to have wires going from the windy place, such as Northumberland, to London where we are actually using the energy.
Matthew Hancock
"I attest to the beauty of Frodsham and Helsby hills, which my hon. Friend talked about. The area is almost as beautiful as the area near Clare in my constituency, where there is a proposal for a six-turbine wind farm, to which I am strongly opposed. There, too, residents formed an action group, Stop Turbines Over Clare, and I commend them for that. They also found that wind speeds are much lower than the applicant suggested. I hope my hon. Friend will agree that the Minister needs to look at objective measures of where the wind is. Does he agree that often the choice of where proposals are made seems entirely random and does not take into account local populations or the beauty of the local environment?"
Richard Harrington
(CON), Watford
Simon Hart
(CON), Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire
"Does my hon. Friend share my concern that local authorities might be tempted to be both judge and jury when it comes to applying for and granting consent for wind farms on property that they own?"
Oliver Heald
(CON), North East Hertfordshire
Philip Hollobone
(CON), Kettering
Adam Holloway
(CON), Gravesham
Kris Hopkins
(CON), Keighley
Stewart Jackson
(CON), Peterborough
Bernard Jenkin
(CON), Harwich and North Essex
Marcus Jones
(CON), Nuneaton
Pauline Latham (CON), Mid Derbyshire
Andrea Leadsom  (CON), South Northamptonshire

Jeremy Lefroy

(CON), Stafford
Edward Leigh
(CON), Gainsborough
Brandon Lewis

(CON), Great Yarmouth

Julian Lewis
(CON), New Forest East
Ian Liddell-Grainger
(CON), Bridgwater and West Somerset
Westcountry MP Ian Lidell-Grainger, who signed the letter of protest, said wind turbines were so unpopular in rural areas they generated more complaints than nuclear power stations. The Conservative MP for West Somerset said: “The Prime Minister does risk a backlash and quite right too. You can’t have that number of MPs ignored. “The countryside is being put at risk for no gain. They are inefficient and we don’t get any jobs from them. “We should not be giving them any subsidy. If we didn’t they wouldn’t exist.”
Jack Lopestri
Jack Lopresti (CON), Filton & Bradley Stok

Karen Lumley (CON), Redditch
Anne Main
(CON), St Albans
Paul Maynard
(CON), Blackpool North and Cleveleys
Karl McCartney

(CON), Lincoln

Stephen McPartland
(CON), Stevenage

Louise Mensch
(CON), Corby
"Mrs Mensch is so concerned about the threat to historic properties from wind turbines she is writing to the Energy Secretary to protest."
Patrick Mercer
(CON), Newark
Nigel Mills
(CON), Amber Valley
David Morris
CON), Morecambe and Lunesdale

"MP David Morris said: "It is an unusual step to write to all MP's to request they support a Parliamentary motion.
"I am pleased Stephen has and it shows the strength of feeling in opposition to these wind turbines which will effectively create a wall, making it difficult for traffic to navigate into the Port of Heysham.""

David Mowat

CON), Morecambe and Lunesdale
"Mr Mowat said he believes nuclear and not wind power is more likely to help the Government achieve its goal of reducing carbon emissions by 80 per cent by 2050. "
Sarah Newton
(CON), Truro and Falmouth
Caroline Nokes
(CON), Romsey and Southampton North
David Nuttall (CON), Bury North
Neil Parish (CON), Tiverton and Honiton

Mr Parish, Tory MP for Tiverton and Honiton, said: "We have enough already on land, and I don't think they are the solution to our green energy needs. We need to look at bio-digestion and look at the tidal range in the Bristol Channel to produce more power.

"They are intrusive into the countryside. People come to the countryside to enjoy it. If I thought they were the answer to our problems, I would be more enthusiastic. But they are not very efficient."

He added: "I will be encouraging a cut of 25 per cent to subsidies for onshore wind turbines."

Priti Patel
(CON), Witham
Mark Pawsey

(CON), Rugby

"Like many hon. Members, wind farm proposals affect my Rugby constituency. There is an application for a site at Bransford Bridge near Churchover, where there is a great deal of local opposition to the proposals, and I fully understand local residents' concerns. The community in Churchover has formed an action group called Against Subsidised Windfarms Around Rugby-ASWAR. They are building a convincing case against development both on that site specifically and more broadly. They argue that, in this particular case, the turbines will spoil the local countryside and landscape, particularly surrounding the ancient church of Churchover, which is referred to in the Domesday Book. The nearest turbine would be only 700 metres from the officially designated conservation area. However, in their campaign they recognise that it is only subsidy that is stimulating the development. My hon. Friend the Member for Daventry (Chris Heaton-Harris) drew attention to that issue. In the absence of the massive Government subsidy, many sites would not have been developed and many of the applications that hon. Members face would not be put forward."

Andrew Percy (CON), Brigg and Goole
Here is an especially brave man, who stood up on behalf of his constituents against his Party Leader's father in law.
Express October 2011
We have exactly the same problem on the Isle of Axholme in North Lincolnshire. Several local villages in my area were faced with about 14,000 vehicle movements for up to two years during the construction of a 34-turbine wind farm. The wind farm was refused permission by the local authority, but it was granted on appeal. It is not only what happens afterwards. It includes what happens during the construction phase, which is not a short time.
Christopher Pincher
(CON), Tamworth
Mark Pritchard
(CON), The Wrekin
Dr. Daniel Poulter
(CON), Central Suffolk and North Ipswich
Simon Reevell (CON), Dewsbury
Mark Reckless (CON), Rochester and Strood

Jacob Rees-Mogg

(CON), North East Somerse
Andrew Rosindell
(CON), Romford
David Ruffley (CON), Bury St Edmunds
Nicholas Soames (CON), Mid Sussex
Mark Spencer (CON), Sherwood
John Stevenson
(CON), Carlisle
Iain Stewart
(CON), Milton Keynes South

Rory Stewart

(CON), Penrith and The Border
Read this posting on his blog:
and this:
In the post above, Rory Stewart says he has set up a website to make knowledge available to local groups;
Here it is:
This website has a map of Cumbria showing the wind farms applied for, working or defeated, the link is below:

Bob Stewart
(CON), Beckenham
Julian Sturdy
(CON), York Outer
Robert Syms
Justin Tomlinson
(CON), North Swindon
An Ecotricity application for three wind turbines adjacent to the South Marston village was deferred on Tuesday. It is as if the planning process is fearful of the inspector, and that all the concerns listed by my hon. Friend-the tangible effects on local residents-are almost irrelevant as planners seek to avoid dealing with them; ultimately, the unaccountable inspectorate will give the approval.
David Tredinnick  (CON), Bosworth
Andrew Turner  (CON), Isle of Wight
Martin Vickers
(CON), Cleethorpes
Charles Walker
(CON), Broxbourne
Robert Walter
Conservative, North Dorset

James Wharton
(CON), Stockton South
 "My hon. Friend makes an excellent point about the cost of wind turbines. Is it not the case that there is not only a cash cost, but that the carbon cost of manufacture detracts significantly from the environmental benefits that onshore turbines are supposedly meant to bring?"
Heather Wheeler  (CON), South Derbyshire.
Craig Whittaker
(CON), Calder Valley
Local authorities have no planning powers to protect local people: there is no allowance for buffer sites, for example, around hamlets or semi-rural areas; there is no power to decline onshore wind farms on grounds of water tables, peat erosion or local nature conservation areas; there are no powers on grounds of distance, as we have heard often today; there are no powers to make as a condition on wind farm owners any form of compensation to those whose homes are sited under wind farms where there is evidence of property devaluing, as it does; and there are no powers to assess the effects on health of close proximity of wind farms. I accept that there is no actual evidence of medical harm, but there are many examples of third-hand effects through lack of sleep caused by the constant droning noise of wind turbines, particularly at night and in high winds.

At a recent inquiry on the Crook hill planning application-Crook hill is in the Calderdale and Rochdale local authority areas-the planning inspector said that the need for alternative energy supplies far outweighed any local objection or need. He quoted the planning policy as his reason for saying that, despite the many thousands of pounds and man hours that it cost Calderdale and Rochdale metropolitan borough councils and the Friends of the South Pennines group to object to the plans.
Nadhim Zahawi ( CON), Stratford-on-Avon