Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage says "No" to giant turbines

This website is non-political but  we are grateful to politicians from all parties who have given support to those of us who fight against industrial wind turbines, including Nick Harvey (Liberal Democrat, North Devon) Geoffrey Cox, Conservative (Torridge and West Devon) and many others, from all parties, both in Britain and abroad.
  This week for the first time we had a Party leader joining campaigners in North Devon, so we have to say a special thank you to Nigel Farage, Party Leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party, who joined the Bickleton Against Turbines Group saying  "NO" to giant industrial turbines overlooking the Taw Estuary.
The UK Independence party is the only party in Great Britain that states "No wind farms" in its energy policy

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nigel farage and Mo Mugridge

A close up view of Nigel Farage, Mo Mugridge and Steve Crowther (also from UKIP)  - and of course, Sabre, Mo's beautiful dog.

The plan had been to launch a column of balloons at turbine height, but the wind is one thing you cannot control - and on Tuesday 12th May it was very windy indeed.  It was gusting especially strongly at times, so the launch had to be abandoned on safety grounds. 

As one of the campaigners pointed out - if there were turbines on the hill, they wouldn't be producing electricity in these conditions, as they would have to be shut down, on safety grounds too.

Another photograph of Nigel Farage, holding a placard as well as the balloon, on the right - this time the photograph was taken by Mo Mugridge, as was the photograph below. 

More locals arrived a little time after these photographs, and a reporter from Heart Radio came along.  She recorded several interviews, including one with Nigel Farage..

For those who have not heard of Heart Radio before, this is the new name for North Devon's commercial radio station, Lantern FM, and it broadcasts on 96.2 and 97.3.  Their website is
Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage and campaigners
Another view of some of the campaigners, includingon the left, Christine Lovelock (Artists Against Wind Farms)
and Joanne Bell ( Environmentalists Against Turbines) in blue jumper.  Nigel Farage and Steve Crowther are on
the right of the balloon.The turbines would on the hill behind. 
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