A list of places in Devon where wind farms have been proposed in the last few years.

2011 Note: this is being updated!

Please email me if you have any more information or corrections to
this information.


South West Devon

1. Lamerton/Brent Tor
May 12- May 13 (visited on walk)
WIFLAG group


West of Dartmoor near Tavistock and Brent Tor, 2 x 1.3 MW turbines, refused twice, developers appealed twice (withdrew first time) Public Inquiry - latest news, the developers appeal was dismissed, turbines refused.

2. Lifton
May 13 (passed through)

Between Launceston and Okehampton 5 x 500kw, time expired

3. Broadwoodwidger
May 13 (passed nearby)
South of Holsworthy and Ashwater,  3 turbines 300 ft high? Still need information to determine whether the information about this past proposal is correct.
4. Higher Beckett
May 14 (visited)

National wind power 3 turbines, Ashwater, between Holsworthy and Launceston, rejected 2004.
5. Swingdon
May 15 (visited)
Near Ashwater, between Launceston and Holsworthy, 1 turbine - approved but then lapsed?

Mid West Devon

6. Bradworthy: Forest Moor
May 15/16/17 (visited)

BLOT Group

link to turbine site
Between Holsworthy and Bideford, 3 turbines to south west of Bradworthy. These turbines have been built and the wind farm is operational, although one or other of the turbines is often out of action. If 7, 8 and 9 are passed, Bradworthy will be ringed with turbines (shadow flicker from Forrest Moor is already affecting the Wheeler`s Cross area)
7. Bradworthy: Wheeler`s Cross
May 16 (visited)
To north west of Bradworthy, byWheeler`s Cross, 6 x 86 metres high (2011)
8. Crimp
May 17/18 (visited)

multimap link (to site area)
Near Morwenstow (Cornwall but very close to Bradworthy, just across border and close to coast) 3 turbines.
Refused by Council, but developers appealed, and the Inspector  allowed their appeal.  A tragedy for this small community and the North Cornwall and North Devon coastline.  Turbines now up, 2011.
9. Meddon
May 18 (walked through)
North east of Crimp, previous plans for large wind farm, likely to resurface if Crimp turbines are passed.  This has now happened, there is a proposal for

10 Parkham

multimap link to site
Sedborough Farm
Near Parkham, not far from Buck`s Cross and Wolsery, proposal for 2 turbines
11. Brandis Corner

Between Holsworthy and Hatherleigh, and not too far from the Bradworthy and Galsworthy farm sites either.Three turbines proposed close to the village, about 410 ft high
32. Chilla Moor

15 x 400ft turbines proposed for Chilla Moor, close to Halwill Junction, between Holsworthy and Hatherleigh. Permission refused.

North Devon

12. Tapeley Park
May 21 (walked nearby)

Instow, near Bideford. Hector Christie is in talks with Ecotricity, possibly 15 turbines. No more has been heard of this.
13. Fullabrook Down
April 29 (visited)
May 7 (visited)
CAWT Group

Fullabrook Map

multimap showing Braunton, Pippacott Halsinger

multimap showing most of site area

A large area including the parishes of Luscott Barton, Pippacott, Beara, Braunton, Marwood, West Down and near Ilfracombe (22 turbines)

Latest news: October 2007. Application refused by the Council, but after a Public Inquiry the Inspector has allowed the developers appeal.
June 2008. The battle is lost.
June 2011 - turbines going up, 12 already.

14. Old Racecourse


Bratton Fleming, lapsed? Vulnerable if Fullabrook passed.

Was not able to visit, will be doing so later.

15. Hore Down

Near Ilfracombe, lapsed, vulnerable if Fullabrook passed.

Did not visit

16. Mullacott Cross

BT proposal for turbine/turbines at Mullacott Cross between West Down and Ilfracombe

North East Devon

17. Newtown
May  24 (walked nearby)
Anonymous developer want to put 3 turbines close to South Molton

There have been a number of proposals in the area below and some have been combined... go to the Two Moors campaign website for latest news
Multimap of the area for  proposals 18 -23
18. Batsworthy Cross
May 26 (stayed in area May 24/25/26)
Two Moors Way Group

Npower: 9 turbines 100m (328ft) high, pylons, close to Exmoor with views of Dartmoor.
Planning Meeting in June 2011.

19. Fanny`s Cross
 May 26 (walked through )

Airtricity have earmarked this site close to above. No news of this lately

20. Knowstone
(visited in January 2006)

Airtricity again are talking to people around Knowstone, even closer to Exmoor, on Two Moors Way near South Molton, 3 turbines or many more?
Permission refused.

21. Bickham Moor
walked nearby
News of developers interest in this area came as I was finishing the walk - again in the Two Moors area, not far from where I walked on May 26.  Corination Power proposing to to put up 4 x 125m high turbines
Permission refused.
22. News just in (Jan 2007): Cross Moor and Bullaford Moor (visited this area last january)

One turbine in Knowstone parish, one in Bishops Nympton parish.  Planning application for 2 x 100m turbines
No news at moment.
23. News just in : May 3rd
Dulas have prepared their scoping document for 10 or 11 turbines on Luckett, Bullaford and Owlaborough Moors.  A scoping document is a precursor to a planning application.This site lies south of the B3227 and north of Knowstone Village.
Permission refused.
24. Pilliven farm

Proposal for 4 x 100m turbines at Pilliven Farm, just outside Witheridge
34. Near Chittlehampton
Proposal for 9 turbines.

35. Yelland, North Devon
Possible proposal for 3 x 400 ft turbines on hill at Bickleton, opposite Fullabrook turbines. No news recently.

Mid Devon

25. Durdon Farm

Near Winkleigh, Burrington Eaglescott and Ashreigny region? 4 turbines on each side of the road?

26. Denbrook
May 27 - May 29 (visited)


Denbrook Valley North Tawton Sprey and Bow, 9 x about 400ft high turbines, permission refused in February, developers to appeal. Public Inquiry held in November 2006, decision awaited. Very sad news received on February 12th that the Inspector has upheld the appeal, and these massive turbines are to be put up in the heart of rural Devon, close to Dartmoor.

27. Yelland
May 30 -June 1st (visited)
ODAT Group

Near Yes Tor, 3 turbines, refused, developers appealed, Public Inquiry June 20th, adjourned until autumn. latest news: Appeal dismissed, turbines refused.

River Torridge area

28. Higher Darracott
June 7 - 9 (visited and walked round site)

multimap showing Darracott Reservoir, site in field beside it.
Just outside Great Torrington. 3 turbines, permission granted, but appeal being made to European Court of Human Rights. This attempt to stop them fialed, they are now up.
29.  WWS Carn Brae

Possibly near Pyworthy (near Holsworthy) but listed as near Torrington.  I turbine - refused? Need details

30. Galsworthy Farm
multimap of area
 November 2nd 2007 Ecotricity want to put 4 turbines on land between Stibb Cross and Bulkworthy.
Permsiion granted, not yet up.

South Devon

31. Goveton

multimap of area

Near Salcombe, 3 turbines proposed, refused (appeal?) - latest news, possible new application?

32. Lee Moor

West Coast Energy, southern edge of Dartmoor overlooking Plymouth - no more news.

33.  Sherford

A windfarm comprising five turbines could be a feature of a 5,500-home new town planned for the outskirts of Plymouth.