Parkham Parish Conservation Group Association

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Please do visit this website to fiind out more about the group, including a map of the turbine location.

Looking towards Lundy

A few notes after my visit to the Parkham Parish Conservation Group Association Open Day, on 5th April 2008, at Limebury Farm

Keeping to my Green mode, I travelled as usual by bus, the Stagecoach bus, No 319 which goes to Hartland.  I caught the 9 am bus from Barnstaple, and a friendly and helpful driver dropped me off at the lane that leads to Broad Parkham. I hadn`t walked very far up the hill before I came to a gateway with a view across towards the sea. If you look closely, you can just see Lundy Island on the horizon. This stretch of coastline is quite magnificent, with Clovelly to the west,  Buck`s Mills directly below these cliffs here, and Peppercombe to the East. 
I had not gone far before I met this signpost, and I took a photograph of it to add to the collection of photos that I took on the 2006 walk.  You can see primroses on the bank across the lane.  Attached to the signpost  is a poster about the Open day. I met a man in the road who lived close by, and was very upset about the possibility of turbines being put up in this location. As I walked onwards, I saw people putting out more signs and posters - it was obvious that local feeling was strongly against this development..
When Laura Holt ( and I visited Limebury Farm in January it was pouring with rain and we had to struggle across a muddy track. We could hardly see a thing through the rain.


This morning, the sun was out, the sky was blue, and the cold northerly air that was forecast had not yet arrived (it was on its way, though, and by mid-morning there was a strong cold wind, and even a shower or two)

Parkham church
Looking towards Parkham Church, from Limebury Farm. The church is in the centre of the photograph, towards the horizon.
view the turbinesAbove is is another view, from the garden. I went down to have a closer look at this simulated view of the turbines... it was a clever idea (see below left for a close-up.)

view the turbines
Standing on the platform and looking through the hole (where it says "look here", you could see how the turbines would look if they are allowed to be built on the site.
Inside the marquee there was an impressive display of information, both about the proposal in Parkham, and the subject in general.  The refreshments were fantastic: most especially  the cheese scones, sausage rolls, saffron buns and a melt in the mouth cake that I had with my coffee. There was a steady stream of visitors, mainly local people who wanted to look at the site where the turbines would be, and also to find out more about the proposal and its implications. I came away full of admiration for the way this small community has organised itself.

More about the site, and visit in January