Walk 4

Burland Lane and Fullabrook

A painting of sheep and lambs
not far
from turbine 12
(pink buttons don`t
work on these smaller maps yet)

Burland Lane
Carol, a friend of mine, on Burland Lane. You can see Dartmoor from here, to the South.  She would probably be between turbines 15 and 16.  Remembering about turbine accidents I wouldn`t want to walk or ride along here if they are built.  2008 update:Here is a link to just one recent accident    - you have to feel worried for the people who will live so close to the turbines in this area.  That turbine was only 190ft, much smaller than the 320ft high turbines planned for this site.  For more on turbine accidents go to the excellent Caithness Windfarm Information Forum

sheep on fullabrook down
This is the sheep in the painting.     She has moved  but she is still somewhere near the pink dot on the map, and close to the site of turbine 12. On the other side of  the valley is Snowball Wood.
Here we are about to come down into the little hamlet of Fullabrook. This road is very peaceful. The day we did this walk I don`t think we were passed by any cars at all.
Here we are down in the valley, close to the stream.  West Down is just over the hill ahead of us.

Just before we came to this bridge, we met a friend of mine, out for a walk with another friend of hers. Another example of people using these so-called "unused" footpaths.

Now we have left the valley and are climbing the hill. Turbines 15 and 17 would be ahead of us.

Through the trees on the side of this lane, we saw a group of horses grazing, including this Exmoor pony. Horses can be very frightened by the swooping shadows of wind turbines.

We did do some of this walk by car, and parked here at Burland Cross. Carol drove - we wouldn`t have had time that day to walk all the way from Barnstaple as well.
March 2011: see the photo on the blog: the works you see are where the hedge is in this photo.