Artists I met on the walk - John Wray at Rose Ash

John Wray
The photo on the left is of  John Wray, at the Plough Arts Centre

Once again, at Rose Ash, I was staying in a house full of paintings. When we had first talked on the phone John had asdmitted that he painted a little, in a modest way. I think I expected to see a few rather dull, wishy washy watercolours. Instead of that, I found that he had done some amazing paintings. The copies here of two paintings by Poussin are some of his ealiest works. The original paintings are quite small, but John`s paintings are very much larger, as you can see by the dimensions

Click on the thumbnails below to see larger versions of his paintings

Copy of a painting by Poussin
A copy of a painting
 by Poussin
oil, 22 x 66 inches

Another Poussin
Another copy of a painting by Poussin, (not quite finished)
oil, 22 x 66 inches
Copy of Adoration of the Golden Calf
Copy of "The Adoration of the Golden Calf" by Poussin,
oil 36 x 24 ins

Laurie, who walked
the Two Moors Way
oil, 16 x 12
French soldier
Charles (French soldier of the the first world War, wearing the Croix de guerre)
12 x 8.5 ins
Spanish dancers
Spanish dancers
16 x 21.5 ins
Portrait of Phoebe
6.5 x 12 ins
Portrait of Jemima
6.5 x 12 ins