Knowstone Moor

These moors are situated a few hundred metres from the proposed Batsworthy Cross and Bickham Moor windfarm sites. The moors form the largest remaining area of Culm grassland in England. They are protected on a national basis as a Site of Special Scientific Interest and on an international basis as a Special Area for Conservation. Knowstone and Rackenford Moors are owned by Devon Wildlife Trust, whilst Haresdown Moor is owned by Knowstone Parish Council. Natural England oversees the management and protection of the moors.


The moors are a vital habitat for the Marsh Fritillary Butterfly, which has seen a sixty percent decline in its numbers in recent times. The caterpillar of this butterfly has only one source of food, the Devils Bit Scabious plant. Without this plant the caterpillars cannot survive and the butterfly population will die out. The protection of this plant on the moors is vital if these butterflies are to survive.


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