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The Roll Up

I enjoy having an idea and taking it forward into a project, creating a body of work over a period of time. Being passionate about a chosen subject helps the creative process, becoming the driving force for myself and other artists I may be working with.


The photograph depicted, ‘The Roll-up’ is one from the project; 'A Year in the Life of the South Molton Sheep Fair Field'. This two year project was first undertaken in 1998 with writer colleague, Mary Stephenson and is added to periodically when various events take place.   


Interviews were conducted and recordings made of people, animals, an auctioneer and steam driven machinery, along with many photos of these subjects. Forming a large body of work, it is now viewed as an important archive for South Molton, especially as since the Foot and Mouth crisis, the annual Sheep Fair no longer takes place in this field.


The field is sited on the southern edge of South Molton, with Exmoor visible in the distance - a view at the moment, unadulterated by wind turbines.

It is important to me to try to keep this view to the moor as uncluttered as possible, but with various wind ‘farms’ planned at Summer Moor, Cobbaton and at Knowstone on Exmoor, their creep seems inevitable.

Link to the protest group campaigning against wind turbines at Batsworthy Cross and Knowstone, not far from South Molton
There are also other applications in this area,
click for list of proposed Devon wind farm sites