An extra walk from Batsworthy Cross to Knowstone, this June

Batsworthy Cross
Batsworthy Cross
When I  walked past here last year there was a torrential downpour of rain, and  I was unable to take decent photographs so I came back again on a sunny day this June. Here is the Batsworthy Cross signpost, subject of my painting and The Big Painting
turbine site
The wind farm proposal is for 9 x 103 metres high turbines, on either side of this road. Here is a link to a photograph I took in January 2006 of a flight  of starlings coming down to land in the field on the left.  Starlings are now protected. I wonder how many people saw the wonderful piece of film on Springwatch, of starlings swirling against the night sky . Just think what the turbine blades would do to these starlings here.

sheep on site
 Above:  I stopped to say hello to a curious ewe, with her lamb. He looked nearly as big as her, since she had been shorn.
a sheep and her lamb where they turbines would be
On the right: the  signpost that told me I was now on the Two Moors way.
two moors way sign post
under the link road

Knowstone Moor
Above: on the edge of Knowstone Moor, and another Two Moors Way signpost
On the left:
going under the Link Road
horse at Knowstone
This was a beautful white horsethat I saw as I walked down the Two Moors Way footpath into Knowstone.  I know of course that white horses are called grey, in case anyone wonders, but  I am talking here from an artistic viewpoint!)
Knowstone Church
Knowstone Church, with its almost white tower, that is a visible landmark from high up on Exmoor. It is only 17 metres high, so think how much more visible the turbines at the Three Moors sites would be from the National Park.
The Mason`s Arms
The Mason`s Arms, Knowstone, from the churchyard.  Read more about the Mason`s Arms on their website.
I have done a small painting of the Mason`s Arms for the Exhibition.
towards cross moor
Looking at the Three Moors site, with the Exmoor hills behind it.
For more details of this, and the other sites in the area, (which make a total of six at the last count) go to this page.