Politicians who have opposed wind farms

MPs/MSPs/MEPs/AMs names are coloured Blue for Conservatives,
for Lib Dem, Red for Labour
, Purple for UKIP,
for SNP - Plaid Cymru not researched yet.  

(This page was made in 2012, and needs some updating still, any missing information welcome)

Update re Council Elections 2013

The 106 MPs who signed the letter to David Cameron  - alphabetical list of these MPs, with links to more information about them, as well as links to protest groups they may have supported in their constituencies. 

"July 2012 Message to all Campaigners who are against wind farms in the UK - from Angela Kelly(Country Guardian)

She writes: "Chris Heaton-Harris MP told us at the N.O.W. Conference that the original group of 106 MPs who had signed the letter against wind farms now number "160 and growing"!

See www.warmwell.com for more.

Text of the letter to the Daily Telegraph, and signatures (not in alphabetical order)

Plus: Members of the House of Lords who have spoken out against wind farms

In the Lists below are the names of other politicians, who did not sign the letter but have spoken out against wind farms, either in general or in their own constituencies


The Politicians who have spoken out most strongly of all against wind power but did not sign the letter, for various reasons - such as being a PPS, or an MEP, AM, or MSP, for example, or perhaps because the letter did not go far enough, as it only referred to onshore wind turbines)

These politicians deserve the thanks of all who care about both the environment, and the impact of high energy prices on the poorest members of society.

Struan Stevenson
Scottish Conservative MEP
Struan has written a letter to the Prime Minister. You can read it here:
He has also written a booklet called "The Rape of Britain"
You can see him discuss it here on You Tube:
Struan gave the Keynote Address at the Scottish National Windfarm Conference, Ayr, on Friday November 11th, 2011.
Read it here:
Glyn Davies
Conservative MP for Montgomeryshire and PPS to the Secretary of State for Wales, so unable to sign.  He has spoken out very strongly against wind farms in Powys, and was one of the main speakers at the Protest last May outside the Welsh Assembly. 
The text of his letter to the Secretary of State at the DECC is now up on his blog: http://www.glyn-davies.blogspot.com/2012/02/my-letter-to-sec-of-state-at-decc-about.html
Videos of Glyn speaking about wind farms:
Russell George
Conservative Welsh AM for Montgomeryshire.
He also spoke at the Protest outside the Assembly last May, and has spoken out on the subject of wind turbines in Mid Wales many times.
Russell has also written a letter to the Prime Minister and asked other Welsh AMs to sign it:
At present, only Conservative AMs have signed but he hopes for more cross-party support.

Lord Reay
Lord Reay, of Reay in the County of Caithness,. Has been an MEP and also Junior Minister in previous Conservative governments.
He introduced the Wind Turbines (minimum distance from residential properties) Bill in the House of Lords.
We are highlighting two Peers who have spoken out here, but more can be found at the link at the top of the page.
Lord Carlile
Liberal Democrat Peer and former Montgomeryshire MP, Lord Carlile of Berriew has "condemned proposals to build an ugly network of pylons, wires and wind farms across the constituency as "an unnecessary and an economic error of high magnitude".
Nigel Farage UKIP Leader, MEP
UKIP is the only party that has policies opposing wind turbines in general.

He came to support campaigners against wind farms in Devon in 2009, and has spoken out against them many times:
Roger Helmer UKIP MEP  (former Conservative, now defected to UKIP) A very strong critic of wind power
Roger Helmer gave evidence at the the Public Inquiry regarding the proposal by Npower to put a nine turbine wind farm at Batsworthy Cross near Exmoor.  UKIP were a Rule 6 Party at this Inquiry, objecting to the Wind Farm.
Godfrey Bloom
UKIP MEP for Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire. Never afraid to speak out on the subject of wind power.
Read his post here:
and watch this film:
Paul Nuttall
UKIP MEP Deputy Leader of the UK Independence Party and Member of the European Parliament for the North West England region.

Paul Nuttal backs Chester campaigners against 125m high turbines

Our Second List:

This list includes politicians who didn't sign the letter,  but have opposed wind farms
in their constituencies, or in more general terms. Some of the MPs below are Government Ministers, and would not have been able to sign the letter. 

This list includes former Prime Ministers Gordon Brown and Tony Blair, the Speaker of the House John Bercow, the President of the Liberal Democrats Tim Farron, seven Government Ministers (Alan Duncan, William Hague, Andrew Lansley, Owen Paterson, Alastair Burt and Nick Harvey, the Government Chief Whip Patrick McLoughlin, , Fergus Ewing, the SNP Minister  for Energy Enterprise and Tourism, and
Jackson Carlaw, the Deputy Leader of the Scottish Conservatives,.

(Important note -  while we have respect and admiration for the the majority of these politicians, who have been genuine in their opposition to wind farms, and a great help to their constituents, this list also includes a small number of politicians who have opposed wind farms in their own localities while at the same time pushing forward policies that have inflicted them on other unwilling communities.) 

A few of these MPs may have said they are not against wind farms in general,
but they have opposed them locally. )
In England, most Labour MPs represent urban constituencies, which is probably why fewer Labour MPs are interested in the subject at present.

Cabinet Ministers
Party Leader and former Leader

David Cameron Present Prime Minister of course. 

Back in the past- in the leadership contest against David Davis, who had spoken out often against wind farms - David Cameron sounded as if he, too, was against them, describing them as "giant bird blenders."  How many Conservative Party Members voted for him then as leader in the mistaken belief that he would be reliable on this issue, and how much has this led to a sense of betrayal among such voters?


Michael Howard Former Conservative Party Leader - we believe (no link found yet) he was a member of the group that opposed the wind turbines at Romney Marsh, and his party at that time was very much in opposition to wind farm schemes. 
William Hague Secretary of State, Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs
Conservative MP for Richmond, Yorks,
Andrew Lansley Secretary of State for Health (until September 2012)
Conservative MP for South Cambridgeshire,
September 2012 update , no longer at Health but still in the Cabinet.
Patrick McLoughlin Conservative MP, and Government Chief Whip (until September 2012) Now Minister for Transport
, MP for Derbyshire Dales
Objected to wind farm at Matlock Moor: http://www.nowindfarminmatlock.co.uk/

Owen Paterson Secretary for State for Northern Ireland
Conservative MP, 

It is extremely good news to hear - September 2012 update - that he is now Minster for the Environment.
David Jones
New Welsh Secretary. (2012)
More good news
"He also expressed concern about wind farms planned for his constituency (the proposed Gwynt y Mor wind farm[5] would be one of the biggest wind farms in the United Kingdom"

John Hayes
Energy Minister (September 2012)
“Wind turbines are a terrible intrusion in our flat Fenland landscape.“Renewable energy needs to pass the twin tests of environmental and economic sustainability and wind power fails on both counts"

Nicholas  Boles
Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Department for Communities and Local Government
Member of Parliament for Grantham and Stamford


George Osborne
Chancellor of the Exchequer
He deserves a mention because he wanted to reduce the subsidy on wind farms by a larger margin than the final 10% figure, a battle which he lost, presumably because of Nick Clegg's influence in the Cabinet.
The Speaker of the House, and other Ministers, PPS's etc.

Four so far
John Bercow The Speaker for the House
Conservative MP
"Mr Bercow is president of the Stop Dorcas Lane Turbines action group and told supporters at the Saturday roadshow that he would do all that he could to block the scheme.

SDLT vice-chairman, Joseph Creswell, said: “Because of his position as Speaker he can’t go onto the floor of the House and speak out against the plan but he has promised that he would work behind the scenes. Mr Bercow spoke to everyone at the roadshow and reaffirmed his commitment to us which was very pleasing to hear.”


Alistair Burt A Foreign Office Minister
Conservative MP for North East Bedfordshire,
Alan Duncan
Minister of State for International Development
Conservative MP for Rutland & Melton,

Opposing nine turbines, eight are 125m (410ft) high, one is 20m shorter.
Conor Burns Conservative MP and Parliamentary Private Secretary, Dorset.  Mr Burns said he was “entirely in accord” with the letter and would be writing to the Prime Minister and Chief Whip separately. Mr Burns said: “The principles apply equally to on or off-shore. "http://www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/news/9515957.Dorset_MPs_back_campaign_for_wind_farm_rethink/


(Matthew Hancock)
Newly Promoted (September 2012)
Junior minister in the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills,
He also signed the letter to David Cameron before his Promotion - see list.

MPs who did not sign the letter but have spoken out against, or opposed wind farms

Eight so far (plus the 101 who signed)
Jason McCartney
Conservative MP for Colne Valley
"I have joined communities from Birdsedge, New Mill and Scapegoat Hill in opposing ugly and unsuitable wind farms in my constituency. All sorts of planning technicalities have come up in our objections. These wind turbines are an absolute minefield-perhaps minefields would be a good thing to stop the wind turbines, by the way."
Anne McIntosh Conservative MP for Thirsk, Malton and Filey

MP Anne McIntosh is also writing to Energy Minister Charles Hendry calling on him to spell out to consumers the millions of pounds in subsidies which are being used to fund renewables such as Wind Farms. She relates to the fact that other countries such as Denmark are beginning to question the validity of wind farm development. The MP said “I am concerned about onshore wind farms for a number of reasons, but one of the biggest issues is the amount of subsidies which are being paid. The government needs to spell out to people just how much money is being used to subsidise these wind farm developments. I do not think the case has been made for them as a source of renewable energy.”

David Mundell Conservative MP for Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale

Dr Andrew Murrison Conservative MP for South West Wiltshire
 "On the subject of conventional power stations, will she note that wind power will not alter one jot the number of power stations required? A report by Scottish and Southern Energy notes that receipts from its extensive wind turbine farm were down by 20% last year, beyond its expectations, showing that we simply cannot rely on there being sufficient wind to eliminate conventional power stations."

Dr Andrew Murrison, MP for South West Wiltshire, said: “My initial thoughts are it would be another infringement on green space. I would also say onshore wind power is highly controversial as a source of alternative energy and my presumption is against onshore wind farms except in previously used sites.
“I have opposed them elsewhere and my feeling is that they are unlikely to provide a significant contribution to our energy need and despoil countryside. I shall follow this with a great deal of interest.”
Eric Ollerenshaw Conservative MP for Lancaster and Fleetwood
"We are told that there is not much wind in London. Well, it is pretty windy on Primrose hill, but that perspective is protected by London planning law because of the view of St Paul's. There are protected sightlines, yet the rest of us have to see our sightlines being destroyed; our new sightlines are wind turbines."
"....There was a proposal for a new farm of 20 125-metre turbines beyond Caton, a few miles up the road on Claughton moor-this is 6 km inside the Forest of Bowland area of natural beauty".
."...The people who are trying to fight the application are just ordinary people who live in the area. They are dealing with the highly-paid renewable wind farm industry, with all its massive support, glossy literature and professionals and lawyers. "
"...The group has consistently fought the proposals, but at huge cost to themselves. The people who are defending the proposals are subsidised by everyone else, including us, through the electricity rates. It is unfair competition. That is one example."
Sir Jim Paice


An MP has voiced concern over a proposed wind farm between Six Mile Bottom, West Wratting and Balsham.

"South-East Cambridgeshire MP Jim Paice said: "I have strong reservations about inland wind power as a green means of generating power and, while I'm totally committed to combating climate change and using renewable energy, I'm not convinced wind power is the best way to achieve that."
The proposal is for 13 wind turbines, each 120 metres high, at Wadlow Farm..

Dominic Raab Conservative MP for Esher and Walton
Presumably there are no turbine applications in his constituency, but he has spoken about the costs of subsiding the wind industry:
Links to some of his contributions on the subject:
"Take the Renewables Obligation, the subsidy consumers pay energy companies to produce solar, wind and hydro-electric power. Figures from Ofgem, the energy regulator, reveal that the cost of the subsidy doubled in five years, and now stands at over £2 billion. Next year, the subsidy is the equivalent of hitting each household for £77, up from £40 three years ago. To add insult to injury, the subsidy funnels money to the least-efficient energy sources. The justification has always been that this backdoor tax would make renewable energy sources more efficient over time. Yet, measured by “load factor” (the extent to which a plant operates at maximum capacity), onshore wind and hydro-electric power have got less efficient in the last three years, and solar no better. Perhaps renewables will come good in time. But we shouldn’t gamble billions in subsidies and tariffs speculating on such a poor bet.
Graham Stuart Conservative MP for Beverley and Holderness
... I visited the Davies family in South Lincolnshire a couple of years ago. They were
forced out of their home by the noise of the local wind turbine. I am sure that that is why so many hon. Members are here today: they do not want their constituents to suffer that sort of imposition, especially as local decisions are overturned by central authorities."
Sir Peter Tapsell Conservative MP for Louth and Horncastle,
told the meeting he would fight "tooth and nail" to stop the beauty of his constituency being destroyed by "these ghastly wind turbines."
MSPs, MEPs, AMs, etc, (Conservative)

Five so far
Jackson Carlaw Deputy Leader and Health Spokesperson, Scottish Parliament
Conservative MSP
"he would call for a moratorium on new windfarms in Scotland if he is elected Tory leader.
"He accused the SNP of presiding over a “free-for-all” that was transforming Scotland’s world famous landscape in an “unchecked and unplanned way”.
“Clearly we now urgently need a strategic plan for Scotland and a moratorium on fresh turbine approvals until we have one,” he added.
Alex Fergusson

Conservative MSP for Galloway and West Dumfries

"Former Holyrood presiding officer Alex Fergusson told MSPs that he rented out land on his farm for seven turbines, so was not an opponent, but added that wind farms are not a cheap form of energy. “It is massively expensive, it is something for which we’re all paying through the nose through our electricity bills and the energy produced by wind farms would not be produced by any commercial company without the huge subsidies,” he said.The build-up of wind farms in many areas was becoming “unbearable” for many people living there, Mr Fergusson added.“The lack of proper guidance to local authorities from government on the siting of wind farms is actually the root cause of much of this anger and frustration.“The time has come to consider a moratorium on further development until justifiable concerns have been answered.”
(We believe that his turbines were put up some years ago and since then he appears to have been supportive of anti-wind farm campaigners. People can change their minds on this topic)
Murdo Fraser Conservative MSP
"A Conservative chairman of energy at the Scottish Parliament, visited Largs this week, and highlighted last Thursday's wind turbine fire as proof that the technology is 'unreliable' for our energy needs."
He also said  "The lifetime cost of wind power is 2.5 times that of nuclear resulting in a flat rate levy on electricity bills so affecting the poorest consumers the most - a Robin Hood tax in reverse - take from the poor and give to the rich wind farm companies."



Sma’ Glen Protection Group,

John Lamont Conservative MSP for Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire
Spoke in Scottish Parliament debate, not against wind farms, but:

"What I am against is the current Government’s obsession with wind energy over all other energy sources and the lack of any coherent strategy to ensure that wind farms are put in appropriate locations.Although attaining clean, renewable energy sources should always remain a priority for Scotland, current strategies excessively burden communities, outweighing any possible benefits.


John Lamont, Scottish Conservative MSP for Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire, described the 500 total as “a milestone figure which will no doubt be celebrated in SNP quarters, but lamented across the Borders.”
“The Scottish Government's overreliance on this source is damaging countryside in the Borders and beyond,” he said.

“And even when council officials, councillors and local people are all saying no, the SNP still presses ahead with huge applications in order to meet its own over-ambitious targets.”
John Lamont, Scottish Conservative MSP for Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire, described the 500 total as “a milestone figure which will no doubt be celebrated in SNP quarters, but lamented across the Borders.”

Sir Robert Atkins Conservative MEP for North West of England
From his website:
"I joined Rossendale & Darwen PPC, Jake Berry, on Bacup Moors last week to help his fight against an unpopular and intrusive wind farm planned for the summit of this visually appealing moorland. Local residents are all opposed to the application, for a variety of reasons, and Jake is very active in representing their concerns."
Note here: Jake Berry is now an MP, but he did not sign the letter and his present position on wind farms is not clear.  Any information would be welcome.
MPs who have opposed wind farms (locally or in general) but also supported them - a special category!

Neil Carmichael Conservative MP for Stroud
This MP, like Gordon Brown (strong Government policy favouring wind energy and perhaps Fergus Ewing (SNP Scottish Energy Minister, passing wind farms?) probably fits the definition of a Nimby.  Like Gordon Brown (and Tony Blair, mentioned at the bottom of the page) he does not in many ways deserve to to be on this list, as he tried to put wind turbines on his own land in Northumberland.  As he did help the campaigners in Gloucestershire (his own constituency) he is included nonetheless.
Tim Yeo
Conservative MP for South Suffolk
He came to support (at least that was the impression he gave us!)campaigners at Fullabrook, before the General Election when Michael Howard was leader. I believe he also went to speak near North Tawton where they were fighting the Denbrook Wind Farm, it was on television, but links to these visits may no longer be online.

But (being polite) we are not sure what to think of his position in recent times.
(Delingpole is not so polite)

Latest news -2013:
Labour Politicians who have opposed wind farms
Party Leader and former Ministers, etc

Seven MPs so far, plus the two who signed the letter
 (and the three former leaders
Gordon Brown Former Prime Minister
Labour MP for Kirkcaldy & Cowdenbeath,
"The decision to reject the plan was greeted with applause by campaigners, led by the group Saline Community Against These Turbines (SCATT), who have been fighting against the proposal, with support from MP Willie Rennie, local community councils and Prime Minister Gordon Brown, as well as 282 individual objections to the plan."

Tony Blair Former Prime Minister and Labour Party Leader. He signed us up to the EU targets for renewable energy and he must hold a big responsibility for the wind turbine devastation that has been unleashed on our countryside in the last decade -
And yet - we believe Tony Blair's agent opposed a wind farm near the Blair's residence in Sedgefield. This link is blocked but there may be others:
Here is another, that quotes Tim Yeo (see below):
The Western Morning News (South West England, perhaps 2004?) exposed the fact that when Tony Blair set up an advisory committee (?) on energy policy(?) something like 17 out of 22 members had links to the wind industry.  (We are still searching for the correct details on this, and would appreciate more information)
Another link:
Neil Kinnock Former Labour Party Leader - was a patron of  Country Guardian, the national organisation campaigning against wind farms. (along with Sir Bernard Ingham, who although a Labour supporter before he joined the Civil Service, worked for Margaret Thatcher, another illustration of how cross-party this issue actually is)
Russell Brown Labour MP for Dumfries and Galloway. 
Quoted here: "Alex Salmond once again brushed aside the concerns people have that we are sleepwalking into our region being carpeted in wind turbines.”"  Read more:  http://www.tw312.org.uk/?p=1742

Update September 2012:

Mick Clapham Labour MP for BARNSLEY West and Penistone
Margaret Hodge
Labour MP for Barking, Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee
She is included because of this:
Susan Elan Jones Labour MP Clwyd South
She is quoted as saying:
‘The local area where the wind turbines are being proposed relies on its astounding natural beauty to draw visitors and to provide an income through tourism. The transformation of the Dee Valley skyline will affect businesses, house prices, local communities, and noise levels, and the views of local people and long established planning requirements must be taken into account with these developments. Of course, we all recognise the need to push for greener energy, and I have backed campaigns to get more support for things like solar panels.  However, we do need to be careful about how we achieve energy policies and they should not be the deciding factor in determining local planning applications.  The views of local people and businesses should be taken into account with equal weighting to the voices of the energy companies themselves. Planners need to understand that if we are going to achieve our green energy targets, we have to work with communities, not against them"
http://stemm.org.uk/  is the campaign group to save Mynydd Mynyllod, near Corwen, North Wales, from a wind farm with 25 wind turbines that would be 145m high, and spread down the slopes from the mountain ridge to the River Dee.
Pamela Nash
Labour MP for Airdrie and Shotts
She is opposing Blacklaw Phase Two and Damside, an extra 19 turbines, 415 ft high, some close to Springhill.

Albert Owen Labour  MP for Anglesey
He will be even more aware of the strength of feeling in Anglesey, as at this recent protest: http://www.dailypost.co.uk/news/north-wales-news/2012/02/02/hundreds-attend-protest-over-anglesey-wind-turbines-video-55578-30248834/

Angela Smith Labour MP for Hillsborough

Graham Stringer Labour MP for Blackley and Broughton
"... There are not only good local reasons to stop wind farms; at a national level, they are ineffective and inefficient at contributing to the energy supply. Not only do they require huge subsidies, they must be backed up by coal-fired stations running at lower efficiency just in case the wind does not blow. On many occasions in this country, although the wind may be blowing, it blows at only 1 or 2 mph, which is not sufficient to power the generators."
Hywel Francis Labour MP for Aberavon


Phil Wilson Labour MP for Sedgefield

Labour MSPs, MEPs, AMs, etc

Two so far
Neil Findlay Labour MSP for Lothian
Labour’s Neil Findlay warned that the SNP’s plans to generate 100 per cent of Scotland’s electricity from renewables by the end of the decade could be “scuppered” by public anger surrounding the “over-concentration” of wind farms in some areas.“It resembles the prospecting days of the American gold rush with landowners hawking their land for rental and developers seeing steady treasure in the form of subsidies,” he said.
Graeme Pearson Labour MSP for South Scotland
He made a very interesting contribution to the debate, and said
"I am somewhat concerned that a document that has been published by Scottish Renewables—which I understand to be a private company, or at least a pressure group—has been tendered at the back of our chamber alongside official documents." and goes on to refute their claims that wind turbines aren't noisy, etc, etc.
He said " I visited a part of South Scotland and listened to the wind farms. They are noisy and they create an environment in which people who live near them can be affected by illness."
David Rees
Labour AM for Aberavon
 Labour Peers and Former Ministers
Go to Peers page for more Peers
Lord Donaghue Labour Peer.
Debate of Wind Farms moved by Lord Reay. http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/ld201011/ldhansrd/text/110610-0001.htm
Quote from Hansard 10 June 2011: Column 506, 11.35 am.
  "My Lords, I support the Bill of the noble Lord, Lord Reay, and I do so as a Labour person. Not everyone on this side takes that view, but I do because it is the poorer parts of our community that are paying the main price for this bizarre programme."
For more Peers, go to this link.
Liberal Democrat President and Government Ministers

Two so far
Tim  Farron President of the Liberal Democrats.
Has supported Campaign against StribersWind Turbines in Cumbria, and at least one another application, possibly more:

Nick Harvey Minister of State for the Armed Forces. 
Liberal Democrat MP, he would have been unable to sign, as he is a Minister in the Coalition.
Has opposed wind farms at Fullabrook and the Two Moors area in North Devon. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/earth/energy/windpower/3309794/Controversial-Devon-wind-farm-approved.html
"Nick Harvey, the LibDem MP for North Devon, said: "Unfortunately the Government has moved the goalposts by rigging the regulations in favour of wind developers. They are hell-bent on proceeding with wind despite the fact it is inefficient. "
February 23rd 2012:

But he appears to have gone quiet on this subject, and did not come to speak in support of the the campaign to stop the Batsworthy Cross wind Farm at the 2012 Public Inquiry.
Link to map of North (and mid) Devon showing turbine applications
Liberal Democrat MPs

Three so far, plus the two who signed the letter

Tessa Munt Liberal Democrat MP
Ian Swales
Liberal Democrat MP

What a shame more Liberal Democrats MPs didn't sign the letter to David Cameron - it was hoped by the organisers that this would be more of a cross-party protest, and as they often represent rural areas they are more likely to speak out in support of their constituents.
However, Ian Swales did speak on the subject at PMQ's:

And see here:
John Thurso Liberal Democrat MP for Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross

Here is a map from the Caithness Wind farm Information Forum showing wind farms in the area.

Please look at to see the extent of the problem in just one area of Scotland.
Liberal Democrat MSPs, MEPs, AMs

Two so far (although one of them doesn't really count)
Willie Rennie Liberal Democrat MSP
Member for Mid Scotland and Fife. 

Like Gordon Brown, he seems to approve of wind power,
“It’s not just about the jobs. It’s about actually protecting the future of the climate.”

"The decision to reject the plan was greeted with applause by campaigners, led by the group Saline Community Against These Turbines (SCATT), who have been fighting against the proposal, with support from MP Willie Rennie, local community councils and Prime Minister Gordon Brown, as well as 282 individual objections to the plan."

Jim Hume
Liberal Democrat MSP,
"Jim Hume...revealed that there were applications for no fewer than 800 turbines going through the planning process in Dumfries and Galloway.

"I am pleased that this proposed will not go ahead. This is a victory for local campaigners who have fought hard to oppose the development. "While these proposals were technically 'offshore', it was clear that any proposed wind farm would have been in extremely close proximity to the shore and would have therefore certainly dominated the horizon of Wigtown Bay. "
Liberal Democrat Peers
Go to Peers page for more Peers
Baroness Nicholson Liberal Democrat Peer,
Spoke in same debate as Lord Donaghue, above and made  interesting remarks about noise, and the fact that noise that you cannot hear can still cause you harm.
For more information go to our page about Peers at  this link.
Scottish National Party

Three so far
Fergus Ewing Scottish National Party Minister for Energy, Enterprise and Tourism.
MSP for Inverness East, Nairn and Lochaber.  Objected to wind farm at Glenkirk, see letter in which he says "I do hope that this very special part of Scotland will not be despoiled by a proliferation of wind farms"

(And yet, disappointingly, as Energy Minister : http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-business-16345704)
Alasdair Morgan SNP MSP for South of Scotland

Adam Ingram SNP MSP the  for Carrick, Cumnock and Doon Valley, voiced concerns about the “damaging impact” of wind farms in the South Carrick area.

This list is incomplete, more names are likely to be added, Plaid Cymru have not yet been researched yet, for example.
Plaid Cymru


Names from the past

Here are some more names from the past:
Sir Patrick Cormack Former Conservative MP for South Staffordshire.
" While I accept the importance of the points that the hon. Gentleman has just made, will he pay regard to the fact that he has a responsibility for the beautiful and fragile landscape of these islands? Does he thus accept that wind farms are not a very acceptable way of creating sustainable energy and that, in addition to the things that he rightly mentioned, we need to look carefully at the nuclear option? "
Phil Woolas Was a Labour Minister
Dari Taylor Former Labour MP
Mike Hall Former Labour MP  (Weaver Vale)
"Giant wind turbines would obliterate an area of natural beauty "says MP Mike Hall"
the current MP for Weaver Vale, Graham Evans (Con) was one of those who signed the letter to David Cameron.
Janet Anderson Former Labour MP for Rossendale Janet Anderson
"MP for Rossendale Janet Anderson tried unsuccessfully to block plans for the farm being given the go-ahead, stating that it ‘should not be allowed to destroy a beautiful area of East Lancashire countryside.’


Nearly all of the politicians who are featured above have spoken out, we believe,  because they care enough about the landscape and the well-being of their constituents to argue against the policies pushed forward by all three main party leaders.  They deserve our admiration and thanks.

There are a few politicians in the list above, however, who are, or have  been, actually involved with policies that force wind farms onto unwilling communities, while at the same time protecting their own backyards. Sometimes, as is demonstrated so well in programmes like "In the Thick of It," politicians have difficult choices to make.  The episode where Hugh Abbott is forced to defend a policy
( that he disagrees with) on special needs schools  is a perfect example.  It is never too late for those who are in similar situations to change their minds, and make a stand alongside those who speak out resolutely.

Here is a link to two letters on Nimbyism, from campaigners fighting to preserve the wonderful landscape around Auchencorth Moss, close to Edinburgh. The first letter, from Professor Anthony Trewavas not only defines Nimbyism, but asks a question of all politicians who support industrial sized wind turbines. 
He says:
"It is this present government that are the real nimbys. If they wish to avoid that charge, lead by example. All of them should purchase and live in a house not more than 900 metres from a large wind farm."

Auchencorth Moss
Auchencorth Moss

Here is a link to the Guardian map showing UK wind farms and "the MPs who hate them."  (The word "hate" gives a false impression of the  letter sent to David Cameron, which expressed their measured concern  about the Government’s policy of support for on-shore wind energy production)  The map also gives an incomplete picture of feelings on this issue, as there are many other MPs and Politicians who have supported opposition to wind farms in their constituencies. One extra point: The map in the Guardian also appears to miss out some (probably many?) wind farm applications, such as, for Batsworthy Cross (9 turbines near Exmoor.) For example, here is our map of North Devon with applications, they come so fast there are more to put in, see the CPRE map as well